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Army Promotion Study Guide Questions

Army Study Guide -  If you are attending NCO board or army promotion board, we have covered many important questions and quiz to prepare you for Army Study Guide or promotion board . We have good material for army study guide as well as Quiz where you can access over mobile or desktop, which is free. For more Army study guide quiz please click on below link.

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* Note: First Go through this Questions and Then Go to Army Study Board Guide Quiz and take exam Q1 What AR Covers Army command policy?
      AR 600-20

Q2 What is the oldest part of our Army?
     National Gard

Q3 What did the U.S. Army begin?
      14June 1775

Q4 Who was the first commander in Chief of the Conventional Army?

Q5 What AR 215-1 cover?
       Boss Program

Q6 What FM cover Drill and ceremony?
      FM 3-21.5

Q7 What FM cover Physical Training?
      FM 21-20

Q8 What regulation cover Military custom and courtesy?

Q9 What FM Covers Leadership?
FM 21-20

Q10  What regulation covers Military justice?
 "AR 27-10

Q11 What FM Covers Map reading and Land Navigation?
  FM 3-25.26

Q12 What regulation cover Leader Development?
AR 350-1

Q13 What FM Covers Training the Force?
  FM 3-21.25

Q 14 What is counselling form?
 DA 4856E

Q 15 What regulation covers NCOER?

Q 16 What regulation cover leave and passes?

Q 17 What regulation cover FLAGS?
AR 600-8-2

Q 18 What regulation covers Military Awards?

Q 19 What regulation cover ASAP?

Q20 When did NCO History Begin?
14June 1775

Q21 Under CBRN attack when you give warning?
 After wearing mask

Q22 What is EO Stands for?
Equal Opportunity

Q23 What AR covers Army Retention program?

Q24 What is minimum number of point in each event of APFT?

Q25 What is DA Form for Physical profile form?

Q26 What DD Form used for Physical Readiness Test Scorecard?

Q27 What FM Covers M16 Riffle?
FM 3-22.9

Q28 What is first thing you do while handle weapon?
Clear It

Q 29 What are basic fundamentals of marksmanship?
 Steady position Proper aim Breathing Trigger Squeeze

Q30 What is SPORTS stands for?
 Slap Pull Observe Release Tap and Shoot

Q31 What is maximum range of M4 riffle?
3600 Meters

Q32 What is maximum effective range of M4 riffle for point target?
500 Meters

Q33 What is maximum effective range of M4 riffle for Area Target?
600 Meters

Q34 What is maximum range of M4 riffle?
3600 Meters

Q35 In Class A Uniform , how many marksmanship badges are authorize to wear?
No more than 3

Q36 One service stripes on uniform represent how many years of service?

Q37 What is estimated life time of new ACU?
6 Months

Q38 What are element of command?
Authority and Responsibility

Q39 What is role of Sergeant's ?
To train and lead soldiers

Q40 What DA Form covers Leave Control Log?

Q41 What AR covers Military Justice?
AR 27-10

Q42 What are three types of courts martial?
Summary Special and General

Q43 Which color uses to represent Map?
Black Red Brown Blue and Green

Q44 How many types of North ?

Q45 Which three type of north are correct?
True Magnetic and Grid

Q46 What are major terrain for map?
Hill Ridge Valley Saddle Depression

Q47 What are minor terrain on map ?
Draw Spur Cliff

Q48 What are Supplementary terrain feature on Map?
Cut and Fill

Q49 Which north must be use when using compass?

Q50 Which north must be use when using Map?

Q51 What are three category of Heat Injury?
Cramps Exhaustion Stroke

Q52 What FM covers First Aid?

Q53 During First aid to casualty whose first aid dressing do you use?

Q54 When did Army flag dedicated?
14June 1956

Q55 When was Declaration of Independence signed?
04June 1776

Q56 What was bloodiest war of American History?
Civil War

Q57 Which female received medal of Honor?

Q58 When did World war1 begin?
August 1914

Q59 When Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor?
07Dec 1941

Q 60 Who received First Medal of Honor ever?
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