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Can Foreigner Join Us Army?

Can Foreigner Join Us Army? 

Can Foreigner Join Us Army- Answer is yes. What if you do not hold green card? Still you can join US Army. Under MAVNI (Military Accessions Vital to National Interest) category foreigner can join and Serve country. Currently this program is closed however it was closed and restarted in the past, so keep eye on it and have a faith. In this post you get to know, steps to join US Army, Rules, Career, and difference.

 What is MAVNI Program? 

(MAVNI) is a recruitment program by the United States Department of Defense, through which legal non-immigrants (not citizens or legal permanent residents of USA) with certain critical skills are recruited into the military services of US . This program was started in 2008.

What are Rules for Foreigner to join US Army? 

1.Individual should be living legally in US for last 2 years (with Valid visa like F1, H1 etc.) 2.Individual should have knowledge about additional language (MAVNI Eligible Languages) and able pass language Test Above are additional rules plus they have to follow recruiting procedure. Talk to recruiter about MAVNI program for more and accurate info.


After successful completion of Basic Combat Training or Advance Individual Training, personal may become US Citizen. Also, all benefit just like other soldier.

 Difference between local and foreigner recruiting process

 1. There is additional step for foreign personnel during process, they have to pass language test (MAVNI Eligible Languages)

2. For local ,31 ASVAB score is minimum required however for MAVNI candidate has to score minimum 50 in ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) .
 Here are links for sample ASVAB practice test.

Free ASVAB Practice Test 1
Free ASVAB Practice Test 2
Free ASVAB Word Knowledge Practice Test

 3. MAVNI candidate has limited choice to select career even they score hire In ASVAB they cannot join Military police or IT jobs because of Clearance issue. (they can join as Chemical, Medic, Supply, Motor Transport Operator, Mechanic, Cook etc.)

 Steps to join US Army

Step 1 Talk with local Recruiter discuss what MOS (career/field)
Step 2 Prepare for ASVAB Test, need to score more than 50(more you score, you have good options choose), Also clear in Language test.
Step 3 Drug Test, medical / PT Test from local recruiting station(recruiter),
Step 4 Background check and other formality, sign contract
Step 5 Take an oath
Step 6 Fly to Basic Training

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