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Basic Training Army | Army Bootcamp

 How to prepare for Army Basic Training 

Army Boot camp-  if you are about ship to the Army Boot Camp. This blog is for you, it will prepare you to climb success in Amy Basic Training. This blog , will cover many topics like different programs, what to remember, what to do and things like that.  By reading this article you will be confident and stand out in Army Basic Training.


Army Boot camp divide into categories.

1.    Army Basic Combat Training: The length of Army Basic cobat training if 10 weeks long and consist of 3 phases .
·         Red Phase: 3 weeks long
·         White Phase: 3 weeks long
·         Blue phase : 4 weeks long

2.    Advance idividual Training: The length of this traiinng is depends on MOS. So length is vary for this training.

3.    One Station Unit Training(OSUT) : It is combination of Basic training and Advance individual training in same place. For examole If your MOS is Military Police then you will ship to this training.

What type of Physical fitnesss Test in this training:
In Army,   2 minute push up , two minute sit up and 2 mile run events for the physical fitness Test, however it  will  change from October 2020.
  • Deadlift—This is a three-repetition maximum deadlift using a hex bar.  
  • Standing Power Throw—Throw a 10-pound medicine ball as far as possible over the head and to the rear. 
  • Hand-Raised Push-ups in this event, you still have to do pushups, but now you also have to add a lift of your hands off the floor when in the down (chest to ground) position each repetition. 
  • A 250-Meter Sprint, Drag, and Carry in event, this is five different tests within one event: a 50-meter sprint; a backward 50-meter drag of a 90-pound sled; a 50-meter movement; a 50-meter carry of two 40-pound kettlebells; and a final 50-meter sprint.
  • Leg Tuck in this event, hanging knee up from a pull-up bar, bringing the knees to the elbow’s multiple times. 
  • Two-Mile Run in This event Soldiers still have to run 2 miles for their cardiovascular endurance test. 
How to prepare for Physical Exercise:

Start slowley ,do not over train or break your body. Time your running and check time for distance. Do some Push up and Pull ups it will help you to gain strength. And make sure hydred your self with water and eat more gree vegetable it will help you in recovery.
I strongly recommend you to participate in Future soldier program.

What is Future Soldier program:

In local town recreuiting station manytime they conduct some type of Physical Phitness Event. Many time it is once every week . Participate in this event. Also it is good for you to connect with other future solder like you. And if you have any question these recrutiers can guide you.
Not only that but also may be recent graduate Soldier can help you if you have any question .In army there is  Hometown Recruiting Assistance Program (HRAP)

       Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program (HRAP)
This Program  allows enlisted Soldiers who have recently completed Advanced Individual Training (AIT), One Station Unit Training (OSUT) or Army Civilian Acquired Skills Training (ACASP) to return to their hometowns to assist the local recruiters by sharing their Army training experiences with family, friends, high school classmates, Future Soldiers, veterans, and community leaders.
They might be best resource because they are fresh graduate from the boot camp.

What to Pack for Boot Camp?

Do not bring lots of cloth because you will be wearing Army cloth when you will reach, so do not over pack. Do not bring video game, Laptop because you will not allow to use it during basic training.
I recommend you to bring stamp and envelops.  Also learn some tricks to folding cloth.  Because you will have many army gears to pack in small place, so just learn folding technique. Search in youtube, you will find it.


Important things to Memories

 It is vital to know Soldier’s creed, Army Song and Preparation and Recovery Drill. you will be asking every time not only in boot camp but also in regular unit. And if you are not good at memorizing it is great to utilize extra time and do it before. There will be lots of thing in you plate so it is important in you have done many things in an advance.

Soldier’s creed

Click below link for solders creed.

Army Song

Click below link for Army Song.

Military Alphabets

Click below link for Military Alphabets

Know Army Preparation Drill and Recovery Drill

you will be doing this every day in bootcamp. also, in regular unit. So, it is important to memories in order.

Preparation Drill
1.    Bend and Reach
2.    Rear Lunge
3.    High Jumper
4.    Rower
5.    Squat Bender
6.    Windmill
7.    Forward Lunge
8.    Prone Row
9.    Bent-leg Body Twist
11.  Push up

Recovery Drill/ Cool Down drill
1.    Overhead Arm Pull
2.    Rear Lunge
3.    Extend and Flex
4.    Thigh Stretch
5.    Single-Leg Over

Know Military Rank and insignia

Junior Enlisted E-1 through E-4)

Army Non-Commissioned Officers (E-4 to E-6)
Commissioned Army Officer (o1-o10)
Warrant officer (W1-W5)

Private (E-1)

Corporal (E-4)

Second Lieutenant (2LT)(O1)

Warrant officer one(W1)

Private 2nd Class (E-2)

Sergeant (E-5)

First Lieutenant (1LT)(O2)

Chief warrant officer two (W2)

Private First Class (E-3)

Staff Sergeant (E-6)

Captain (CPT)(O3)

Chief warrant officer three (W3)

Army Specialist (E-4)

 Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (E-7 to E-9)

Major (MAJ)(O4)


Chief warrant officer Four (W4)

Sergeant First Class  (E-7)

Colonel (LTC)(O5)

Chief warrant officer five (W5)

Master Sergeant (E-8)

Colonel (COL)(O6)

First Sergeant (E-8)

Brigadier General (BG)(O7)

Sergeant Major  (E-9)



Major General (MG)(O8)


Command Sergeant Major (E-9)


Lieutenant General (LTG)(O9)


The Sergeant Major of the Army (E-9S)

General (GEN)(O10)

General of the Army (GOA)


General of the Army (GOA)


Army Jargon

 You can also look up army jargon. This is not that important but nice to have knowledge. For example, food facility or Dining facility is known as Chow or DFAC. Dorms is considered as Barracks.

Under 10 Minutes to eat:

In Basic training you will have under 10 minutes to eat. So, if you are slow eater, remember and prepare for yourself.

Conclusion: Hope this blog will help you to answer your questions. If you like this blog do not forget to share.


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