Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Lean How make Java hello world first program java | Tutorial for Beginners

If you want learn Java , lets make simple first program Hello world.  This is the way to learn so we have make step be step tutorial . 

So what you need to learn ? there is few pre-requisite. But how to check if Java is installed in your computer? Simple open command prompt , type CMD in search bar and enter "javac" is java is installed then you will find some  options if you do not find then you have to download install and set up environment.

Now we have to write code somewhere so we need code editor , there is lots of benefits to code editor. you will suggestion what to use and get error message if you make mistake and possible suggestion which lighten your work . There are lots of code editor available.

But we are using eclipse download according to computer system.

You can watch this same tutorial in Hindi and English language . Please click on below links. 

Video in English

Video in Hindi

Click on File option , now click on New and then java project if you do not have this options then click on other, Type java project now you will option now select and click on Next as seen in below image. 
Provide name of project and click on Finish.

Now you can observe as below image that project is created and if you expand by down error you will have src folder , right click on that. Click on new then Class . 

Enter Name of Class , in this example we have used hello world , click on check mark of public static void main and click on finish .

Now you can observe that you created class and main method since we have check marked while creating class. 

Lets type system.out.println , by using this command in main method will help to write hello world in console. you can remove or keep // TODO Auto-generated method stub. since it marked with two // it means it will ignore this comment. and we will type hello world in '' '' since it is string. we will see this datatype in more detail in next tutorial .And making sure we will add semicolon  after (end of) code) otherwise system will through error message. 

Now click on Run , it is green error button and observe in console. 

  Congratulations!!! you have made first easy and simple java program for beginners .  For more video tutorial click on this link @amazingcodingtechworld

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